Outotec Larox® RT

The  Outotec  Larox  RT  (Reciprocating  Tray)  horizontal vacuum belt filter and its fully enclosed counterpart, the RT-GT (Gas Tight) filter, utilize a totally unique design proven over 40 years and in over 1 500 installations. The filter offers true multi-step processing in a single unit. The processing capabilities include superior cake washing in either co-current or counter-current modes and enhanced dewatering through cake vibration, mechanical compression or thermal drying.

Outotec RT and GT filters are used in over 500 different processes due to their ability to handle a wide range of feedstocks and produce high purity products at a very economic cost. The filters offer very high availability (97 % or better) combined with low maintenance and low operating costs, and they have a lower installed cost than many alternatives.


    - Continuous  operation 

    - Fully  automatic 

    - Excellent  cake  washing  efficiency 

    - True  multistep  processing 

    - Very low operating cost 

    - High availability & lo

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