Choc Melter 20kg

Gentle, fast control of your chocolate melting, tempering and warming!

The chocMELTER warming tank has been designed specifically to heat and maintain chocolate at a temperature range of 20°C - 60°C / 68°F - 140°F. The system works with direct and air based induction heating, applied from below as well as each of the four sides. This innovative approach heats the chocolate much faster and more efficiently than the industry standard 'below only' heating systems - which take many hours longer to melt the chocolate.

With the combination of a quality control system and temperature sensor being located 'in the chocolate', (rather than just the air void below), you can be sure of far more accurate readings. The heating unit will click off after achieving the desired temperature. If the vat is left within the chocMELTER with the lid on, retained heat is excellent. The efficient, low energy design translates into significant running cost savings. In addition to the energy saving, faster heating and accurate control, this SWISS made product has been developed with a compact & lightweight footprint and comes with ergonomic easy to carry handles & horizontal control panel.

The unit is also designed with maximum hygiene in mind - the electrical components are damp washable with no indents and the body does not have the gaps or screw holes that are present in most warming tanks. The chocMELTER has been designed specifically for heating chocolate and cocoa butter, however, dependent upon the required temperatures, it can potentially be used for similar materials such as icing, glaze, butter and the like.

In summary, what makes it far more attractive than competitor products? Innovation.
·  1/4 of the energy use
·  Melts hours quicker due to heating from 5 sides
·  Accurate temperaure- measures the chocolate not the air void
·  Small, lightweight modern design with easy carry handles
·  Swiss Made- quality, modern technology and more hygienic

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