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Level detector The level detector set up in a fix point of the container allows the exact monitoring of the product through an electrical signal of the type N.C. (Normally Closed) or N.O. (Normally Open). This tool can be used in the zootechnical industry,in the plastic industry, in the cement industry, in the wood industry and in the pottery, for the direct monitoring of any solid or dusty material inside the tank. It allows a perfect container filling, reduced overall dimensions, extremely simple assembly and disassembly, no calibration, maintenance set at zero, open air working assured by the tin state container.

Pressure gauge This pressure gauges with reinforced diaphragm are normally used to detect the pressure in the tanks, but they can be used in the applications where it is necessary to monitor pressure , at low costs. The pressure gauge provides an output with exchange contact and it can be supplied with precalibrated pressure. Besides, pressure and histeresis regulations are available. This device is available in two different versions characterized respectively by a calibration pressure of 3,4 and 4 bar

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