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Monitoring Devices

In order to check the correct working of the plants, Autel makes dust detectors which can detect the quantity of dust particles emitted in the atmosphere. 

These dust detectors are combined with devices of dust digital- reading with both graphical and numerical display. Besides, Autel has developed different supervision software, operating in
Windows, able to interfacing themselves with Autel electronic devices, such as the differential monometer, economisers, flow, velocity and dust gauges. 

The interfacing can be widened to many other tools presents in the market which are compatible with Autel communication standards and with other standards which can be used through conversion interfaces. This software satisfied the exigency of monitoring the control devices of the plant by means of PC, allowing the capture, the recording, the elaboration and the graphic representation of the dust, temperature, velocity and flow values detected by Autel tools. The program has been created in a complete modular way, in order to be easily adapted to the actual necessities of every plant and meanwhile being flexible and economically useful.

Monitoring Devices คือตัวตรวจวัดปริมาณของฝุ่นที่ปล่อยออกจากปล่องระบายอากาศสู่ภายนอก ซึ่งสามารถที่จะติดตั้งชุดอ่านทั้งแบบรูปกราฟ แบบตัวเลขหรือส่งเสียงเตือนพร้อมกับ    ซอฟแวร์สำหรับโรงงานที่จำเป็นต้องใช้ 



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