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DifferentialPressure, Flow, Velvocity Guages

Autel makes different models of differential pressure gauges DPF which can be optimized for the correct measuring in the different working conditions. All that is obtained through a temperature sensor allowing the instrument to make an offsetting of the zero-pressure reading in function of the room temperature, ensuring reliability and precision of the pressure reading. 

The series of differential gauges DPF includes the economic differential “blind” manometer DPF1C and DPF4-20, the compact models DPF15 and DPF15-R, the versatile and programmable DPF20 which can be used in the most complicated situations and the sophisticated DPF20REG which allows the measuring, displaying and controlling of the differential pressure through the PID regulator. Moreover, this latter has the possibility to guide an outer device (like an inverter or a modulator), in order to keep the pressure to a constant and pre-formulated value by the aspiration channel of the sensor. 

The offer of Autel’s differential pressure gauges includes the handy and compact differential pressure gauge PDP. Furthermore, Autel assemblies portable devices for the pressure, flow and velocity measuring which are able to check the quantity of outbound air from the filter chimneys, thus they check their correct working.

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