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Control Devices

The range of Autel’s electronic control devices is wide enough to satisfy the demands both of small and big dimensions plants.

Autel makes three models of cyclical Timers: The economic and compact timer Mod. STR-REC, the cyclical economic generators GC and the single-exit TC. The reliable STR-REC are compact and available from a minimun of 2 to a maximum of 6 exits, but they can be extended through REC expansion (remote expansion control), thus they are suitable for being used in small and medium dimensions plants. The cyclical generators GC have been planned for the continuous and sequential control and they allow the layout of the pause and working times through graduated grips. This device can be supplied in different models which can control from a minimun of 2 to a maximun of 96 electrovalves, so that they can be used both in small and in big dimensions plants. For very big plants, Autel can build, on demand, expansions which allow the timers to control more than 96 electrovalves. The cyclical generator TC is a very simple and reliable single-exit timer, which has been planned for the direct application on the valve to be driven. 

Autel advices to use Ecomatic, planned for the intelligent piloting of the filtration plants, which allows a saving in terms of energetic consumption of the compressed-air in filters These devices are able to pilot the electrovalves and they include a differential pressure gauge . This latter allows the direct control of the obstruction degree of the filter and it allows the cleaning process only when and where it is necessary. This intelligent device is able to recognise the outputs in which a load is applied, thus it can command automatically and directly only the exits effectively used. This device can be supplied in different models and it can control from a min. of 2 to a max. of 96 electrovalves, thus it can be used both in small and in big dimensions plants. On demand, it is possible to applied to the Ecomatic expansion modules in order to guarantee the control of more than 96 electrovalves, thus being used in bigger dimensions plants .

Control Devicesชุดควบคุมมีหลายรุ่นที่จะสามารถควบคุมการใช้งานตั้งแต่ 2-99 output มีอยู่ 3 แบบคือ
1. CGP (Cyclic Temers) แบบตั้งเวลาหมุนไปรอบๆ
2. Economiser Econmatic (Delta P) แบบชุดควบคุมที่มีเพิ่มอุปกรณ์วัดแรงดันเข้าไป
3. Several Models 






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