chocMELTER – 6Kg/20Kg Chocolate Melter Units


The unit is also designed with maximum hygiene in mind - the electrical components are damp washable with no indents and the body does not have the gaps or screw holes that are present in most warming tanks. The chocMELTER has been designed specifically for heating chocolate and cocoa butter.




•Designed to heat and maintain chocolate temperature at a range of 20°C – 60°C (68°F – 140°F).


•Around 30% lighter, smaller and easier to carry than comparable products.


•Uses only 20% of the typical energy than comparable products- which translates into significant running cost saving.


•Equipped with a quality control system and a temperature sensor located in the chocolate - NOT in the air pocket below the container.


•Heats the chocolate far faster, due to a 5 sides heating system.


•More hygienic and easier to clean than comparable products, which often have gaps or screw holes under the container and on the chassis.


•Digital monitor and easy temperature control.


•Beautiful Swiss styling with practical handles.

•Comes with a container / vat (with handles) and a lid as standard.