volumeSPRAY – For Large Volumes

Spray larger volumes, faster- The suction tube extension allows you to feed directly from a larger floor based container.



With 90W of spraying power, the volumeSPRAY is able to apply even the most viscous food liquids- a spray gun for egg wash, butter fat, glazes and other thick materials- without the need for compressed air. 




In addition to spraying thick materials, this "food safe" handheld gun also provides fast and accurate greasing of baking sheets & tins. It is fast, economical, accurate and food industry approved; the alternative to the brush or non food regulation compliant paint gun. The suction tube extension allows customers to use their KREA Swiss volumeSPRAY gun to spray from a larger floor based container.








90 Watt spraying with top performance- for medium to high viscosity materials.


Saves time: minimum work effort with highest delivery rates.


From thick, to fine spray finish- excellent material distribution.


Fast ROI- due to less use of material and time savings.


Uses only Food Grade materials.


Simple to use with a balanced design. Compressed air not required.


Hygienic- easy to take completely apart and clean.

Swiss made- solid engineering quality.


- กำลังไฟ 90 วัตต์

- แรงดันไฟฟ้าที่ใช้งานได้: 230V / 50 Hz